Can I go onsite during construction?

There are a number of hazards associated with building your new home which, if not carefully managed, could cause serious injury or worse, to those that encounter them.

How long it will take to build my home?

From the signing of your Building Agreement and payment of your deposit through to completion of your home, you should allow -0- weeks depending on the size and complexity of your home.

Why are some house designs more expensive than others?

When house designs are priced they are calculated on the amount of exterior cladding, interior wall area, window area, structural support (beams), etc required.

What is a soil report and why do I need one?

A soil report is necessary to determine what ground conditions are like below where your house will be. The report will determine whether additional support is required within the footings should substandard soil be encountered.

What should I concentrate on first when choosing my house?

Once you have your land, it is important to first decide on the floor plan that best suits your family’s requirements, provides privacy, and takes advantage of any views. You can then start to make decisions around the style of the house.

What is included in the price of building a home before if any extras are added?

The standard inclusions change from area to area as different things are required by different councils and land requirements etc.

Is it possible to start earthworks in winter?

On most sites it is possible to carry out earthworks all year round, although generally it is more difficult during periods of wet weather. Difficulty can arise if you are planning to do a cut and engineered fill earthworks (i.e. dig from one area of the site and place and compact on another area) as sometimes you are unable to get the compaction levels required by the engineers.

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