Broadhurst Builders

Broadhurst Builders was established in 2013 by Max Broadhurst, Max saw an opportunity in the market to offer quality built and designed homes at an affordable price.

We believe there is a design out there to suit everyone at a price that will work within their budget.

At Broadhurst Builders our team works closely with our clients providing a transparent and informative design and build process.

Flexibility is our mantra, you will have exactly what you want and we will work closely with you to make sure you get out of your new home exactly what you envisioned.

My passion is helping people get into their dream homes and making the process as easy, simple, stress free and exciting as possible.

There’s no better feeling than handing over the keys to someone’s dream home and seeing the excitement and joy on their faces as they admire what they have worked hard to own.

– Max Broadhurst

Keeping up with the Cottles! Ep. 1

We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers and clients. “Keeping up with the Cottles” is an interactive video journey where we follow the Cottle family from start to finish!

In this episode we see the initial planning, foundation preparation and the concrete pour!

Keeping up with the Cottles! Ep. 2

In this episode we see the frames stood and trusses erected. The roof then goes on and the Cottles see their dream home taking shape.

Keeping up with the Cottles! Ep. 3

In this episode we see the bricks go up on the external walls, the electrician and plumber complete their installation and the gib board goes up.

Keeping up with the Cottles! Ep. 4

The Cottle Home Gets Completed!!
Episode 4 of “Keeping Up With The Cottles”

In this Episode we kick off with the interior plastering process and take you right through to completion including painting, the kitchen install, flooring, concrete driveway pour and the new timber decks

Locally owned and more importantly OPERATED

Unlike most building companies in Canterbury, we are very different. A small tight team where we do everything. None of our building work is contracted out to any other builder. Max Broadhurst personally project manages every job himself, so your point of contact throughout the whole build process is the man with his “name on the door”. This is why we promise you that our workmanship is of the highest quality.

Kiwisaver Information

Never owned a home before? Building a new home can be a much better option than buying an existing house. Why would you buy an older 1960s/70s built home that will constantly require time and money spent on it when you could have your very own warm, safe and comfortable new home. Broadhurst Builders can help you get the best value out of your Kiwisaver plan. We are experts in how the Kiwisaver system for first home buyers works. We can offer you free information and advice that other builders may not.


Every project completed on or before the completion date given.
Every project completed to the pre-determined budget.
All of our workmanship is to the highest standard.
Most importantly, we guarantee you that the building process will be simple, easy and stress free.